Winterized Kitties

When I moved into my place in Kaunas, there were several cats hanging out in the garden.  The friend who was helping me settle in asked my landlady if she likes cats.  My landlady said “No, no.  These are just stray cats that live in the abandoned house across the street.”  I soon discovered that the cats hang out in our garden because my landlady feeds them.  In fact, once it got cold, she put out a box for them with couple of pieces of sheepskin, to which I added a big towel.  I, of course, am quite happy to contribute to feeding “our” three garden cats.  The brown tabby might actually have a home somewhere.  It is very social and always wants to be petted.  The two black cats are more skittish but have started to let me pet them as well.  One of the highlights of my day is going out to feed the cats and getting some kitty love.


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