On the List

When I lived in Vilnius in 2009, I had various interactions with the U.S. Embassy.  I often went to the American Center Library.  I got to know several embassy staff through the ex-pat social community.  The Public Affairs Officer at the time provided financial and technical support for the exhibit tour that I arranged.  I even gave a presentation on my research, sponsored by the International Women’s Association, at the embassy.

This year, as a Fulbright-Hays scholar, I have a more formal relationship with the U.S. Embassy.  The benefit — I am on the invitation list.  In September, I was invited to a reception at the Ambassador’s house for Lithuanians and Americans who have participated in academic and cultural exchanges between our two countries.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend because I was at the conference in Italy.  This month, I am invited to the Ambassador’s holiday party for embassy staff.  I won’t miss this second chance to go to the Ambassador’s house.  I also get to attend the monthly happy hour at the Marine House on the embassy grounds.   The Fulbright connection has certainly added a new dimension to my social life here!


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