Lithuania = North Florida

In some ways, Lithuania reminds me of North Florida, where I grew up.  Before you make a snap judgement that I’ve gone bonkers, hear me out.

1)  Flat — North Florida is flat.  Lithuania is flat.   What qualifies as a tall hill in Lithuania and in Florida would not even be considered a foothill in Washington State.  We have real mountains there.

2) Coastlines — Both North Florida and Lithuania have coastlines consisting of pine forests that run right up to sandy beaches.  Granted the Baltic Sea is a LOT colder than the Atlantic Ocean and the type of pine tree is probably different given the difference in climate, but their coastlines look similar to my eye.

3) Summer thunderstorms — Afternoon thunderstorms are common in North Florida  in the summer.  I don’t remember them being common in Lithuania in the past, but we sure are having afternoon thunderstorms this summer.  Just yesterday I got drenched walking home from the university when the heavens burst forth.  I was already in the park and there was no place to escape from the rain so I walked home.  It wasn’t too bad because it was warm rain, definitely a Florida-type experience.  We rarely have thunder and lightening in Seattle, where the rain just drizzles down rather than storms, so I appreciate a good summer thunderstorm.  However, I’m not so appreciative of the humidity that accompanies the kind of weather that brings thunderstorms.


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