Mall Trip

On Saturday afternoon, I took a friend’s eleven year old daughter to the mall.  Our mission: shoe shopping.  She succeeded in finding a pair of sturdy and cute summer sandals.  Alas, I did not find a pair of comfortable and cute pair of flats for spring.  My opinion that shoes in Lithuania are lower-quality and over-priced was once again confirmed.  As someone who loves a good-quality, stylish pair of shoes at an affordable price, I consider this a serious concern for residents of Lithuania.

I can now say that hanging out at the mall in Vilnius is pretty much the same as hanging out at a mall in the United States.  There were a lot of teenagers at the mall.  The stores might have different names, but they have pretty much the same assortment of goods.  We at pizza for dinner and the kid got to order Sprite (something she usually doesn’t get to drink at home).  Even the layout, the background music, and the decor (if you can call mall style a decor) was similar to every other mall that I’ve been in.  I assume that the concept and look of “malls” is an American export.

In addition to shoe shopping and dinner, we saw a photography exhibit by students at the American International School.  The photographs were excellent.  We also lucked out and came to the mall on the weekend of the Vilnius International Cat Show.  The kid and I spent quite a bit of time ooohing and aahing over beautiful cats and cute kittens.  We were particularly excited by the domestic Bengal kittens.  I’d never seen this breed of cat, which has leopard spots.  They look very striking.

At the end of the day, the kid said “anytime you want to come to the mall, just let me know.  I love the mall.”  I had to tell her that I don’t spend too much time at malls, but maybe for the next international cat show…

Aren't they beautiful! Photo courtesy of Encore Bengal's Exotic Lap-Leopard Kittens


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One response to “Mall Trip

  • Lauryna

    You don’t have to tell me about shoes and their prices here… I had to find some comfortable pair of shoes few days ago because I literally didn’t have what to wear. I scouted two malls, the whole Gediminas street in Vilnius and some other little shops and didn’t find a single shoe that fits my foot and is wearable in this weather. It’s so frustrating to have big feet 😦 I ended up buying Crocks for 190 Lt and keep dreaming about some beautiful shoes. Ah, maybe some day…

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