Another Taste Test

On Tuesday, a fellow graduate student invited me to her parents’ house for dinner.  Specifically, for čeburekaiČeburekai are deep-fried, meat-filled pastries — and something I had not eaten yet here in Lithuania.  My friend told me that her mom makes the best čeburekai and that I needed to try them.  This isn’t especially a Lithuanian dish, but it is something that Lithuanians eat.  There is even a čeburekai cafe near the train station.  I can see why they are popular.  These homemade čeburekai filled with ground turkey (instead of the typical pork) were quite tasty.

Her parents live on the outskirts of town near the Kaunas Sea.  It was a lovely evening and we sat outside on porch and enjoyed the sunset over the fields and flower garden.  Yep, another evening eating good food in the countryside!  We also had tomatoes, cucumbers and pears from the garden — as well as juice made from homemade jam (very Lithuanian).  After dinner, we walked down to the Kaunas Sea and watched the end of the sunset over the lake.


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One response to “Another Taste Test

  • Daiva

    I didn’t know you had never tried it before. It’s very much *the* Lithuanian type of fast food. You can see them sold in festivals, on the seaside beaches, etc. Children tend to like them too.

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