Stockholm in 24 Hours

Last week I attended the Baltic Studies in Europe Conference at Soderton University in Stockholm.  The conference began with a reception on Sunday evening.  I arrived on Saturday afternoon, so I had 24 hours for sightseeing before the work part of the trip.  I crammed as much as I could into those short hours (including a good night’s sleep).

Saturday:  Photography Museum (3 interesting exhibits), dinner in the museum cafe with a view of Old Town, walk through Old Town, an hour listening to a rockabilly band and a blues band at Stampen Blues Club in Old Town.

Sunday: Vasa Museum, walk along the waterfront, lunch and more walking in Old Town, Cathedral, Palace Square, buying gifts for my niece and nephew, tea and cake in Old Town, Town Hall tour.

Let me just say that I loved Stockholm!  The architecture is beautiful.  I hadn’t realized that it is built on an archipelago of islands with water and bridges everywhere.  There were many more things that I didn’t get to see — the ethnographic museum (one of the oldest in Europe), the history museum (with the Vikings exhibit), the many parks.  I’m already dreaming of a trip back.

As I was walking through the Palace Square, I saw these mounted guards — later I learned that if I’d followed them, I would have seen the changing of the guard at the palace.


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