3 Down, 9 To Go

I arrived in Lithuania exactly three months ago on September 1.  I’ve now completed 1/4 of my year.  Here’s a report on what I’ve accomplished over the past three months:

  • Finished writing a paper for the conference “Memories of Stalinism”
  • Attended the “Memories of Stalinism” conference
  • Edited three academic papers and a DVD script for the “Memories of Stalinism” conference
  • Attended a workshop on “research strategies in post-Soviet archives”
  • Edited an English translation of a colleague’s dissertation
  • Translated a booklet from Lithuanian to English
  • Three weekends of sightseeing in three different countries
  • Spent a week with a horrible flu
  • Drafted a new outline for my dissertation
  • Sent the outline and a draft chapter based on the Stalinism paper to my dissertation adviser
  • Attended the Marine Ball
  • Worked on the draft of a second chapter
  • Finalized the questionnaire, copyright release forms and project tracking form for the oral interview project
  • Planned an event with a Seattle/Vilnius photographer at the Contemporary Art Center.

That’s a pretty good list for three months of work — especially since I was semi-homeless for the month of October.  However, I expected to be much more productive in my first three months.  The list does point out one of my major weaknesses — taking on other projects (editing/translating/events) instead of focusing all my energy on my priorities.  I get too easily distracted by requests for help or other interesting projects.  So my early New Year’s resolution and mission statement for the next 9 months:

Do the Oral Interviews!

Read the Documents!

Write the Dissertation!

Stick to My Priorities!

I hit the ground running when I arrived in January 2009 and not only got a lot of work accomplished in nine months, I also had a lot of fun adventures.  So even though I am committed to focusing energy on my priority — THE DISSERTATION — I promise to get out and have adventures that make for good blog posts.  After all, even though you all want me to get my work done, you don’t want to read a daily blog post about how much time I spent on the computer.  So here’s to nine months of dissertation writing, interesting interviews and blog-worthy fun.


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