Visaginis Scenes

The medallion with CCCP and the shape of a person with outstretched arms on this man hole is the Soviet "mark of quality" from the 1980s


"Why, why, why" written in Russian on the side of an abandoned building in Visaginis


Even this blue cat on the side of an unfinished building is wondering "why?"


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2 responses to “Visaginis Scenes

  • Milda

    Hi, Amanda,
    First of all – have a nice trip back home.
    And I would like to tell, maybe will be interesting to you, about the Russian word on the side of the building ‘pocem’. It means ‘how much does it cost?’ It’s just a slang. ‘pocemy’ – means ‘why’.
    Sincerely, Milda.

    • amanda

      Thanks, Milda, for the good wishes. And thanks for reading my blog. The words on the building are cut off in the photo — but it is definitely зачем (not почем), which also means why (like почему)

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