Singing Poets on a Summer’s Eve

Several times this summer, I intended to go to an outdoor concert in the courtyard of the Communications Museum in Kaunas’ Old Town.  However, each time something else came up and I didn’t go.  But, finally, I made it to a concert — on Thursday evening, I went to a Dainuojamosios Poezijos [Sung Poetry] festival concert with a couple of other students.  “Singing poets” in Lithuania are the equivalent to folk singers (in the early Bob Dylan sense of the term) or singer/songwriters — meaning acoustic guitars and an emphasis on lyrics.   Of course, I couldn’t understand the lyrics because it’s difficult for me to understand 1) sung Lithuanian and 2) Lithuanian over a microphone (especially with a not-so-good sound system).  But it was a lovely evening and I enjoyed the music and the chance to listen to an outdoor concert in Old Town.

The first performances definitely fit the singer-songwriter/folk music category.  The final band had a comedic 1980s punk thing going on.  They are know for their very lyrics, which I didn’t get, but the performance was equally entertaining.  Here’s the evening’s line up.

Opening Act: Andrius Zala and Aurimas Driukas, “The Power of Love”


Middle Act: Gediminas Storpirštis, “Someone”


Closing Act: Liūdni Slibinai [Sad Mythical Beasts], “Spring Song” — unfortunately the concert videos on youtube aren’t that great, but this will at least give you an idea of what they are like on stage


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