Longing for Seattle

As my faithful readers know, my life has been quite full over the last six months with research and traveling and all kinds of adventures.  I keep in touch with my friends and family in the States and sometimes I wish I could see them, but I haven’t been homesick for months.  In four weeks I will get on a plane and return to Seattle — and suddenly I am really homesick.  I think it’s because I am now actually spending time thinking about my life in Seattle.  For the last six months, I’ve been living my life here and Seattle seemed far away.  With only a month to go, I am starting to plan where I will live when I return and talking to friends about what we will do when I am back in town.  Seattle seems much closer now and I miss my life there.

Of course, I am looking forward most to seeing my friends again, but here are a few other things that I am really looking forward to doing when I get back to Seattle:

A view of Seattle and the Cascade Mountains from Puget Sound. Photo by The Seattle-King County News Bureau

Mountains — there are mountain ranges on the east and west sides of Seattle and I love seeing the mountains on a clear day.  Okay, Seattle doesn’t often have clear days but it is amazing to look up and see snow-covered peaks reaching into the sky on the days they are visible.

Thai food — there are a plethora of inexpensive and delicious Thai restaurants.  I miss spicy food in general, but especially Thai food.  Yummy!

American slang and cultural references — I know a lot of Lithuanians who speak English very well, but I still have too moderate my speech so that I don’t use to much slang or make American cultural references that won’t have meaning here.  I look forward to just talking and not wondering if the other person will understand what I said.

With four weeks to go, I’m also back to eating chocolate-covered varškės treats as often as possible since I won’t be able to get them in Seattle!


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