Two Minutes of Fame

The nationally-broadcast morning show “Labas Rytas [Good Morning]” did a segment today on the VMU Summer Lithuanian Language course for foreigners.  They interviewed the course director, one of the teachers, and a student.  And you’ve already guessed it — the director invited me to be interviewed!  The reporter asked me where I am from and why I want to study Lithuanian language.  I made quite a few basic grammatical mistakes but, given that I was extremely nervous about speaking Lithuanian on national television, I think I did okay.

Unfortunately the segment on the language course isn’t posted separately on the website.  But you can watch me on TV if you follow these steps:

1) Click this link to go to the LRT website archives page.

2) If the video in the center column does not say “Labas Rytas,” look in the right hand column for the entry “2001 07 28 6:00 Labas Rytas” and click on the blue arrow at the end of the description.

3) Press play and then move the tab to 1 hour 50 minutes (1:50) into the program (it will probably take a few seconds to load to that point)

There I am!


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