Intensive Language Course – Day 1

The intensive Lithuanian language course started today.  I’ll be in class for the next three and a half weeks, every morning and some afternoons.  I was placed in the advanced group, which at first made me nervous.  Today I realized how much my language skills have improved in the past year and that I am actually in right level.  There are five of us in the advanced level — two Russian students from Moscow State University, a Polish student from Warsaw and a Swedish engineer.   The students are all in Baltic Studies programs and the engineer likes learning languages.  Today’s lesson was just right, challenging enough that I learned new things but not so difficult that I got frustrated.  It’s also great to speak Lithuanian with other students at my level — I can understand them because we have the same level of vocabulary and make the same mistakes.  I think the course will be quite useful and I’m looking forward to the lessons.

Today’s favorite phrase:

Aš nesigailiu savo pasirinkto kelio. (I don’t regret my chosen path.)


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