A Weekend in the Country

Through a friend of mine in Kaunas, I got invited to spend this weekend in a small village in the Lithuanian countryside.  Have I mentioned before that all Lithuanians seem to have a village — the village they or their parents or their grandparents grew up in?  And that they head off to “their” village on holidays, in the summer, any time they want to get away?  It’s true.  This weekend I finally get to experience what it’s like to go to the village.  While I’m gone, I’ve posted several “daily photos” that are favorites of mine and which I saved for just such an occasion (meaning, it’s been a busy week and I haven’t had time to write full blog posts in advance).  Enjoy!

A rustic outhouse at Surininkų Namai -- they actually have a modern bathroom (which I hope will also be true in the village).


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