All Work, No Play

Today is a holiday in Lithuania — Statehood Day (also known as Mindaugas Day).  I, however, am working.  In fact, I will be working from today until…well, pretty much until I finish this damned dissertation and graduate.  Hopefully, that will happen next spring.  If that hope is to become reality, I have a lot to do.  That means no more fun and games for Amanda.  Just work, work, work.

I did have one final European fling last weekend, which I will post over the next few days.  And I’m sure that I will have various adventures in my remaining time in Lithuania  so don’t abandon the blog just yet.  But the eight-week countdown has begun and the pressure is on.  In addition to finishing my research and continuing to write, I now have to prepare to teach a lecture course on Europe in World War II for Autumn quarter at my university in Seattle.

Deep breaths, I’m taking deep breaths….

Last week I meet with a professor at Vilnius University to talk about his experiences in the 1970s. The friend who arranged the meeting took a few photos of me at work.



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