July 4th Nostalgia

…or how you can’t escape your dissertation topic.

As I was thinking about the July 4th holiday, I started reminiscing about spending the holiday, and summer days in general, at our family lake house in central Florida.  The mental soundtrack of my childhood is what would now be called “classic rock” — when it was just “rock” in the 1970s and later when it became “classic” in the 1980s.  I started browsing for classic rock songs on the theme of summer and came across the Seals and Croft ballad Summer Breeze.   I loved this song as a child and I was surprised to discover that the song was released in 1972.  As my faithful readers know, 1972 is the year in which the events I am studying occurred.

So I give you Summer Breeze and a look back at 1972.  I wish my American readers a Happy Independence Day and all of us a relaxing summer.


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2 responses to “July 4th Nostalgia

  • Litlocal

    Happy Independence Day and OF COURSE a Relaxing Summer, Amanda :D.

    Don’t remember if there was a link to this videoclip on your blog, just it should remind Lithuanian summer of 1972. A rock band Gintarėliai (Little Ambers): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bQ_cnC7Hzw
    There you can see some fashions, some scenery of that time, etc. Not so much has changed, actually 😀 .Same streets, same grass, same sea, same sky and clouds in the sky :D. Bikes and helmets became more sophisticated – and more expensive 😦 .

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