Random Thoughts

Here are a few random experiences or thoughts about life in Lithuania that aren’t worthy of their own blog post but might be of interest.

In the “same thing happens here” category, I got a 2 lat (Latvian) coin back in change somewhere and didn’t discover it until I tried to use it to pay for something else.  It’s kind of like getting a Canadian quarter in the United States.

I recently looked at the various toiletries lined up on the bathroom shelf and was surprised at how “multi-cultural” they are: body lotion from Australia, face cream from Finland, face cleanser from Great Britain, shaving gel from Poland, soap from Latvia and shampoo from Germany.  All of these items were purchased at local stores (except the Latvian soap, which was a gift).

Malls are the same wherever you go — teenagers hang out there and they are a good place to go when the weather is really hot because they always have air-conditioning (otherwise uncommon in Lithuania)

In addition to improving their ability to discuss their research in English, graduate students in my academic English group have learned other important vocabulary, including pub crawl, house wine, and over-achiever.  They also practiced discussing their favorite Simpsons episode in English, which can be a useful skill when going out for a beer after your session at an academic conference.


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