Resurrection Church

My parents’ visit provided a good opportunity to visit several places I haven’t been to in Kaunas, including the Čiurlionis Museum and the Resurrection Church, a large white church sits at the top of Žaliakalnis overlooking Kaunas.  Resurrection Church was begun in 1922 in honor of Lithuania’s independence.  The structure was completed but the interior was not finished before the World War II.  The occupying Nazi German army used it as a storage facility and it was a radio factory during Soviet times.  The interior has since been completed and the roof-top deck offers sweeping views of Kaunas.


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2 responses to “Resurrection Church

  • Litlocal

    “…a good opportunity to visit several places I haven’t been to in Kaunas…”

    Adventures…adventures..adventures… the work can wait 😀 .
    Since you now are a genuine lithuanian of american origin and citizenship, i just want impolitely remind you some places you probably haven’t been to (near Kaunas) but may be interested in: Linksmakalnis/Lustberg (a closed KGB town), a “Neman” – top secret object related to Linksmakalnis (unfinished Satellite Center of KGB, report by Kaunas’ resident here: ), abandoned nuclear weapon bases (there are 2 near Kaunas – in Karmėlava, well there also are 2 near Tauragė, 2 near Ukmergė, 2 near Šateikiai, 1 near Žagarė on the border, and 1 oldfashioned one in Plokštinė, but it is closed for the reconstruction because it is a touristy spot), and so called Brezhnev’s Bunker is too far, probably. What else? Well, those bunkers near the place you lived last year in Antakalnis you probably know. They are a part of “Vilnius defence ring”, so other part is at a foot of Šeškinė hill (Akropolis is on its top). And the part in Vilkpėdė has been exploaded in fifties. There is an abandoned military base in Burbiškės forest, west of Naujininkai (Vilnius), rather strange and impressive place, was still operating in 1991/1992; i think it is intentionally left “as is” because it was used as a decoration by foreigh movie makers.
    What else? Relax 😀 . Work can wait 😀 .

    • amanda

      I’ll add them to my list! I haven’t done a “former military sites” tour. We did see an small concrete building on the beach in Palanga that was probably part of the shoreline defense. And of course I did the Soviet bunker experience in 2009.

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