The Cheesemakers’ Home

I’ve been hearing about the Cheesemakers’ Home since I arrived last fall, so I put it on the list of places to visit with my parents.  Located in the village of Dargužiai, 50 km southwest of Vilnius, the Cheesemakers’ Home is a small cafe serving locally made cheeses along with salads and soups.  It’s a cooperative of sorts — four small farms raising sheep, cows and goats to produce the milk and one French-trained cheesemaker to produce the cheese.  I can’t express how wonderful this place is.  The setting is rustic and lovely and the food is delicious.  We had the carrot soup with a chunk of soft cheese in the middle, the carrot and beet salad and a selection of cheeses.  I can’t wait to go again.

From top around to the right: blue cheese (cow), fresh cheese (goat), 2-4 week aged cheese (sheep) and Žan-žak aged cheese (cow)


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