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I’m back in the archives this week looking for various bits of information to fill gaps in draft chapters.  I discovered that the Vytautas Magnus University Library has a collection of Soviet-era newspapers and magazines so I am working there.  The best part — the materials are all on shelves in the reading room, which means that I don’t have to request them and wait for delivery.  Plus it’s a restricted reading room, which means a quiet place to work because I am the only one there.  Now that I have permission to use the collection, I pick up the key from the main library and let myself into my own private archival work space.

One of my interviewees gave me an article from Mokslas ir Gyvenimas [Science and Life] that condemns hippies in the West.  The article had water damage and the bottom corner of each page was torn away so I wanted to find and copy a complete version.  I didn’t know the publication year but I knew that it was from the late 1960s or early 1970s and not later than 1972.  I did find the article (1967) — plus I found several other interesting articles for my research.

I was quite surprised to see that the cover of the May 1972 issue of Mokslas ir Gyvenimas [Science and Life] featured a large flame with a cityscape behind it.  In a bizarre coincidence, that is the month and year that Romas Kalanta set himself on fire in Kaunas.


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2 responses to “My Own Private Archive

  • Litlocal

    “…that condemns hippies in the West….”

    Haha. I remember that article. Because of it, i got fascinated with hippies since my very very early childhood, and later at school was obsessed too (same like others) 😀 . I lost that magazine and couldn’t find for many years, later when i found it, it was not that interesting already, punks were rocking on horizon by that time :D. (There was 1 article about punks in “Literatūra ir Menas”, with 1 cool photo, and later 1 another article was published in “Nemunas” magazine, and that’s all).

    “…featured a large flame with a cityscape behind it….”

    City behind it obviously is Moscow (see Kremlin), the flame is ‘eternal fire’, well there were 2 very serious days on May: May 1 and May 9, one had expect live translation of military parades on May 9 (until the noon) and very serious reports about rotting capitalism and blooming socialism (since noon till evening) 😀 😀 .

    • amanda

      Hmmm, maybe I can study Soviet punk rockers for my next project… 🙂

      I didn’t think about May 1 and May 9 — that makes sense to have the eternal flame and now that I look again, I can see that it is Moscow. Thanks as always!

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