What’s Making Me Happy

Every week I listen to the NPR Culturetopia Happy Hour* podcast.  The podcast always ends with a round of “what’s making me happy this week.”  So in that spirit, here’s what is making me happy this week.

Warm weather!  We had several days in the low 20s Celsius/low 70s Fahrenheit this week.  I actually wore short sleeves and shoes with no socks.  It’s supposed to get chilly again soon, but at least we had these few days of warm sunshine.

Excellent exhibits in Old Town galleries: I took a study break on Tuesday afternoon and went to Old Town to enjoy the beautiful weather.  I also dropped in on three interesting exhibits — Baltic ceramic artists at the Ceramics Museum; “The East” at the Kaunas Photographers’ Gallery; and paintings by Linas Liandzbergis at the Meno Parkas Gallery.

Checking things off my list:  the time spent getting organized last week has paid off.  I had a productive week and accomplished several important items — including sending another draft chapter to my adviser in Seattle.

* In the Culturetopia Happy Hour podcast, four hilarious and sometimes thought-provoking pop culture critics/reviewers discuss television shows, movies, books, music and various other pop culture phenomena (most of which I haven’t seen or read, but they are laugh-out-loud funny).


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