Organization + Daylight = Productivity

Even though warmer temperatures and blooming plants have been slow to arrive, we have had a fair amount of sunshine.  Spring quickly brings longer days this far north.  The sun is rising at 6:00 a.m. and setting at 8:40 p.m.  The long hours of daylight are good for my energy and mood after the short days and long hours of darkness during the winter.  The only disadvantage is that my desk faces west so I have to close the curtains against the sunset or the glare is too much on my computer screen.

I’ve spent most of today getting myself organized.  The piles were starting to overflow on my desk and side table — and I was beginning to lose track of where I am in various projects.  At least for now I have several neat piles:

  • Notes and revisions for draft of chapter on 30th anniversary commemorations
  • Notes and revisions for draft of chapter on other aspects of commemorations
  • Items that need follow-up at the archives
  • Books that I need to read and return
  • Miscellaneous notes for research follow-up

I’m also facing the reality that time is rapidly slipping by and I have still a long, long, long to-do list.  It seems that I add two items for every one that I cross off.  Part two of today’s organizational activities was to go through said long to-do list and prioritize.  The primary question — what can only be accomplished here in Lithuania?  Archival materials, for example, are  something that I can’t access once I’m back in Seattle so those tasks are at the top of the list, along with continuing to conduct interviews.  Secondly, I have a list of tasks that can be finished when I am back in Seattle.  Thirdly, the tasks that would be nice to get done but aren’t vital to completing my dissertation.

With a well-organized stack of materials and a prioritized to-do list, I’m ready to take advantage of all the long hours of daylight and extra energy and get things done! (Something my dad is always glad to hear.)


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