Could it be…Spring?

I think I’ve already mentioned once or twice (or even three times) that spring comes slowly to Lithuania.  Yes, we’ve crossed the March 21 equinox and yes, in many other places spring is in full bloom — but in Lithuania, we’ve been waiting and waiting…until this week.  There are now signs that spring is really, actually, finally here.

  • Central heating has been turned off, which means that the daily high temperatures are consistently above 50 degrees Fahrenheit/10 degrees Celsius.  It’s still in the 30s at night, which does mean wearing warm pajamas and keeping an extra blanket on the bed.
  • Today I saw women walking outside, through the city center, wearing regular shoes not boots, although I admit that I was wearing boots.
  • I saw buds on trees as I walked through the park today.   I even have a photograph to prove it.

So Happy Spring, finally!


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One response to “Could it be…Spring?

  • Lyn

    Spring may have come to you but we in Seattle are STILL waiting. Maybe within the next two days we will reach 55 plus degrees and mostly sun (for only the third day since Jan 1.) Then back to low 50s–high 40s during days and lots of rain. Still low 30s to high 30s at night and some snow showers! Coldest, wettest spring on record since 1891!Yes, that is 1800s! Everything is at least one month behind normal and floating in mud including my tulips which I had thought may be out for Easter. Now I hope for Mother’s Day!

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