Made In Lithuania

Wondering what kinds of goods and products are specially produced in Lithuania?  Here are a few examples.

Anything linen: Lithuania is known for its linen tablecloths, clothes and other decorative items.  I have a drawer full of linen pieces that I have purchased in Lithuania over the years.

Anything honey: Lithuania also produces excellent honey.  I like to buy honey from the local farmers’ markets.  I also like to buy little samples of flavored honey from some of the ecological shops.

Etno Herbal Teas: Originally founded in 1883, Etno makes delicious herbal teas.  My favorites are RelaxHerba and Aksominis Vakaras (Velvety Evening).

Juniper Trivets: A favorite to give as a gift, these trivets are not only beautiful, they smell good when a warm pot is placed on them.

Felted Wool Jewelry: I’ve never seen this style of jewelry in the US, but it is popular here.  I bought the handmade necklace below at the Christmas market


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