Hate is Not Patriotism

In Berlin, one is constantly coming across physical remnants of Germany’s Communist and Nazi past. Sadly, I returned to Lithuania to hear that a neo-Nazi demonstration occurred on Friday’s independence day and that the main Jewish synagogue was defaced.  I am equally saddened and appalled when I hear about violence and discrimination of Muslims, among others, in the United States.  This blog is intended to be a chronicle of my personal adventures, but I feel strongly about speaking out against this kind of ideology, hate and aggression.

We can and will disagree over politics, religion, social values and many other things.  There are political and social views that I strongly disagree with and that I believe range from inappropriate to dangerous. But I will not meet them with hate, because another human being is always on the other side.

Hating someone different from ourselves does not make our countries safer.  Hate does not give us a better life.  Hate does not make us better patriots, not better Americans nor better Lithuanians.  It just makes us ugly and it is destructive.  Berlin tells us that.

The graffiti madness is written on a preserved portion of the Berlin Wall.  The bricks are the the remains of the foundation of the Gestapo building that housed the “Inspectorate for Concentration Camps.”  On the grounds of the Topography of Terror Museum in Berlin.


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