Empty Passport

While the Schengen Area makes travel easier by establishing a single visa region, it also creates some disappointment for Americans traveling in Europe…at least for this American.  No longer do I get a stamp in my passport each time I enter a European country;  I only get a stamp at my initial point of entry to Europe.  Since I usually fly Lufthansa from Seattle, I have a lot of stamps showing entry at Frankfurt.  If you just look at my passport, you might think I have visited Germany many times, but in fact I only change planes there.  On the other hand, my passport has no evidence that I traveled to Italy and Poland last year.  Fortunately for me, the UK is not in the Schengen area so I did get a stamp in my passport when I went to the conference last fall.  Maybe next time I cross a border in Europe, I will try asking for a stamp.


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