Worth the Cholesterol

Arunas and I also had kepta duona, fried bread, in addition to all the other delicious food we ate for lunch yesterday.  Kepta duona, however, deserves its own blog post. Even though it falls into the “heart attack waiting to happen” category of foods, it’s well worth the risk.

Kepta duona is made from small pieces of dark Lithuanian rye bread rubbed with garlic then pan friend in oil and is served with cheese sauce for dipping.  It is usually listed in the “beer snacks” section of menus and is an excellent snack to eat with beer.  Actually, it’s a great snack no matter what you are drinking.  You won’t be able to eat just one piece, I guarantee it.  When my mom was visiting in 2009, we had to order a second serving because she liked it so much.

Avilys serves a fancy version of kepta duona and they had light bread and dark break pieces.  Usually it comes in a bowl or basket with the cheese sauce on the side.


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