Seattle-Kaunas Connection

This afternoon I had lunch with a friend from Seattle who grew up in Kaunas.  In Spring 1992, I took a Lithuanian conversation class that Arunas taught through the local Lithuanian-American community.  I’ve come along since he first taught me how to introduce myself in Lithuanian!  It’s always fun to connect with Seattleites here in Lithuania.  We had a great afternoon chatting, eating and walking around Old Town.

First the eating…I can highly recommend the Avilys brew pub on Vilniaus street in Old Town. We had the medaus pušsviesis alus, an amber-ish beer made with honey.  It was quite tasty and not too sweet.  Avilys means “beehive” and honey is a featured ingredient in most of their dishes.  The house beer soup, a cream soup with smoked pork, was delicious.  The smoked pork, rūkyta karka, was tender and flavorful.  I have to say that this was one best meals I’ve had in Lithuania.

The temperature actual went above freezing today, although a sharp wind meant that it was still rather chilly.  But the sun was shining and it was a nice day for a walk in Old Town.  We braved the slush to walk along the Nemunas River and stopped to look at Vytautas the Great Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary.  Built in the early 1400s during the rule of Vytautas the Great, it is a lovely little Gothic church on the banks of the river.  The interior is equally beautiful, with a large statue of Vytautas in one of the side chapels. All in all, it was a enjoyable afternoon!

Vytautas the Great Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary


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