I’ll just do this first…

Although I have been quite productive recently, I have to admit that I am the queen of procrastination.  It is amazing how easily I can get distracted and how many things I can find to do instead of working on my dissertation project.  Of course, all the standard methods of procrastination apply — checking email and Facebook, watching the youtube video link a friend sent or suddenly remembering that I really need to go to the store and buy some particular thing.   In addition, here are a few of my favorite activities to avoid doing real work.

Freecell — I am completely addicted to this Windows computer card game; just playing “one more game” consumes way too much of my time.

Blogging Ideas — I keep notes on ideas for blog posts, but I can easily get caught up in writing and planning blog posts instead of writing and planning my dissertation.

Reading blogs and online journals — a few of my favorites are the Image Journal blog, Eurozine‘s collection of articles, and stuff southern people like (these are my roots, y’all)

Yoga/housework — it’s amazing how important good health and a clean apartment become when I want to avoid working on my dissertation


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One response to “I’ll just do this first…

  • Lauryna

    I have the same problem here, haha. I’m writing my grad-paper now but instead of really writing it, I tend to remember that I haven’t read some particular article in National Geographic magazine or that I really need to wash the dishes at the moment and so on. But I guess that’s what all people do and will keep doing.

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