Today marks the end of my sixth month in Lithuania; only six months remaining before I return to Seattle.  Despite a fairly unproductive autumn, the last couple of months have been very productive.   And the reality that I only have six months left is a strong motivation to get the work finished.

Fortunately, I am now in a researching, writing and interviewing groove.  As evidence, here is my February dissertation project report:

  • Conducted 11 interviews with a total of 16 people (my goal is to interview 5 people a month)
  • Drafted a dissertation chapter (which I will send to my adviser this week)
  • Submitted my 2011-2012 funding proposal to the history department at my university
  • Plus various other tasks such as reading books about 1960s youth culture, making new contacts for interviewing, preparing and submitting a request for archival documents, and working on a book proposal.

Now to keep the momentum going!


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