Fantasy Care Packages

Lithuanians often ask me what I miss from the United States, particularly what foods I miss.  There are many things I miss from home, spicy foods being at the top of the list in the food category.  At the same time, most of what I need and want I can get in Lithuania.  In some instances, I prefer the European brands to what I can get in the States.  But the question itself inspired me to think about “Fantasy Care Packages” — if someone offered to send me three things from America or Lithuania, what would I ask for?

From the United States

Adams All-Natural Crunchy Peanut Butter: Peanut butter is an American not a European food; I can get peanut butter here, but it usually creamy and is too sweet for my taste.

Multi-vitamins: yes, there are multi-vitamins in Lithuania but they are surprisingly expensive.

Take-out meal from Kwanjai Thai restaurant in Fremont: any dish, three stars, oh how I miss good Thai food!

From Lithuania

Perfect dish sponges: I’ve already written about these little dish sponges and, I should  add, last year I did ask someone to send me a package of them from Lithuania.

Chocolate-Covered Varškė treat: anyone who reads my blog or knows me, knows of my love for these little bites of goodness; my personal favorite the Latvian brand Karums coconut-flavored ones.

Welleda Skin Food hand cream: super expensive but it is the only hand cream I’ve found that actually keeps my hands from becoming painfully chapped and cracked during our long, cold winters here.



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One response to “Fantasy Care Packages

  • Lauryna

    Ah yes, the vitamins… That’s why my sister (she lives in Prior Lake, MN) always sends me these from the States. I haven’t bought Lithuanian ones for quite a while now because it’s cheaper to buy them in the states and send here.

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