Ye Lads and Lassies

As a birthday present to myself, I attended Burns Night on Saturday.  Scots all over the world celebrate the anniversary of poet Robert Burns’ birth (January 25, 1759) with a party.  Since Robbie Burns’ birthday is only one day from mine, it seemed like a fitting way to celebrate my birthday.  Burns Night in Vilnius is a large gala fundraising event hosted by the British Chamber of Commerce.  And it was quite a party.  The evening included the following:

  • Ceremonial presentation of the Haggis (a Scottish “delicacy”) complete with bagpipes, recitation of Burns’ poem “To the Haggis” and the ceremonial stabbing of the Haggis.
  • A toast to the lassies – a speech in which a representative for the men pokes fun at the lassies
  • The lassies’ reply — a speech in which a representative for the women has her say
  • Performances by an amazing Scottish band Saor Patrol
  • Scottish country dancing — made even more riotous by the fact that most of us had never done Scottish dancing in our lives

The Haggis with neeps (turnips) and tatties (potatoes)

You gotta love men in kilts!

And Saor Patrol…



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