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Last week, I spent an hour in the library at Statistics Lithuania looking for statistical data on birth rates and education levels in post-war Soviet Lithuania.  I’m not a statistics person and Soviet statistics can be a nightmare, but I was hoping to find some useful data.  In addition to information that I found in the 1959 census, the annual demographic year book had data on birthrates since 1945.  As I was looking through the table of contents for the 2009 Demographic Yearbook, I saw that it included lists of the top 10 baby names in Lithuania for that year.

I often joke that I can tell the most common Lithuanian names by looking at the names in my mobile phone contacts list.  I know a lot of women named Ieva, Giedrė, Aušra and Eglė.  And I know a lot of men named Arunas, Vytautas, Dainius and Saulius.  I was interested to see a quite different list of current popular names.

Top 10 Boys’ Names for 2009

  1. Matas
  2. Lukas
  3. Nojus
  4. Kajus
  5. Dovydas
  6. Dominykas
  7. Mantas
  8. Rokas
  9. Jokūbas
  10. Augustas

Top 10 Girls’ Names for 2009

  1. Emilija
  2. Gabija
  3. Urtė
  4. Ugnė
  5. Gabrielė
  6. Kamilė
  7. Austėja
  8. Goda
  9. Ieva
  10. Viltė

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