The Scent of Lithuania

“Lithuania Launches National Perfume”
The Independent
Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Lithuania is pioneering a new type of national symbol to convey the character of the ex-Soviet Baltic state in a fragrant way with a bottle of perfume.

Lithuania’s foreign ministry has already sent bottles of the new fragrance to all ambassadors accredited to Vilnius.

The project with olfactory appeal is “a good example of how to communicate Lithuania to the public in an innovative way,” according to a foreign ministry statement.

“We wanted to create something special, representing Lithuania and the Lithuanian character,” Mindaugas Stongvilas, an expert in emotional communication behind the project told the Lithuanian daily Vilniaus Diena.

The perfume “Lithuania” is a blend of sandalwood, cedar and musk intended to connote the Indo-European origins of the Lithuanian language as well as Lithuanian strength of character, its designer says.

“For Lithuanians to identify themselves with this perfume, we’ve added the smell of wood fires that can be associated with pagan rituals, as well as moss and wildflowers,” Stongvilas said.

The creation of the perfume has been entrusted to France’s Galimard perfume from Grasse on the Riviera which has been in business since 1747. The first thousand bottles were produced for more than a 100,000 litas (28,900 euros, 38,792 dollars).

Lithuanian soldiers deployed in Afghanistan have also received samples. Soon it will be the turn of Lithuanian embassies, hotels and airports.

Scented “Feeling Lithuania” candles are also to go on sale next month while an entire line of products is being designed.

Note: I’ll let you know what I think once I have a chance to smell “Lithuania” for myself.


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