Reverb 2010

I don’t usually make formal new year’s resolutions, but I do like to spend time at the end of the year reflecting on the outgoing year and thinking about what I want for the next year.  I recently discovered REBERB10 — a website featuring daily prompts for reflection throughout the month of December.  Here are a few of my answers — reflections on 2010 and looking forward to 2011.

December 8: Beautifully Different
I use big words and quote Polish dissident writers in everyday conversations without even thinking about it.  (My friends tell me this is one of my unique traits.) I have a great smile.

December 17: Lesson Learned and December 24: Everything’s OK
In early October, I had a horrible weekend in my Vilnius apartment.  I wanted to move out as soon as possible but I didn’t know where I could go.  That Sunday morning, a new acquaintance at the International Church asked me how I was doing and I blurted out that I needed to move out of my apartment.  She immediately invited me to come stay with her for two weeks while her husband was out of town.  I am so glad that I accepted her offer — not only did I have a home for two weeks when I needed one, it was also the beginning of a good friendship.  In that moment of asking for and accepting help, I realized that everything was going to be okay — and I learned the valuable lesson that sometimes I need to let go of my need to do everything myself and allow someone to help me.

December 22: Travel
Given that I am living in Lithuania, this may seem an obvious one, but this year featured three significant trips. 1) Krakow, Poland — this was on my list of must-see places and I loved the city. 2) Italy — Venice was amazing and the food was delicious. 3) Oxford/London – my first trip back to the UK since I lived there 20 years ago reminded me of how much I like the British.
In 2011, I am looking forward to a trip to Stockholm to attend the Baltic Studies Conference in Europe and visit a former professor.  And who knows what other weekend trips might pop up along during the year!?

December 25: Photo
This photo of me with my niece and nephew at the beach was taken by my sister when I visited them last June.  It represents two things that are important to me, but aren’t as much a part of my life as I would like.  Although I am fascinated by the history of cold countries (here I am in snowy Lithuania, after all), I love the beach and warm climates.  Even more, I love my niece and nephew.  In 2011, I’m hoping for some beach time and looking forward to staying connected with my niece and nephew, despite being so far away.


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