A Cup of Tea in Kaunas

When I am out and about on a cold day, I often drop in to a coffee shop for a cup of tea to warm me up.  Coffee shops are also the usual place to meet up with friends.  Here are a few of my favorites in Kaunas…

Vero Cafe — there are several Vero Cafes in Kaunas, but I  usually go to the one at Laisves Aleja 75 (especially if I have my laptop since I have the wireless internet log-in code for that shop). One of the first “American-style” coffee shops, its American-style muffins are the other main reason to go to Vero Cafe.

Buon Giorno — more than just a coffee shop, Buon Giorno also serves rather pricey meals.  But the variety of teas, the cozy atmosphere, and two central locations (just off Laisves Aleja and in Old Town) makes this cafe a great place to hang out.

Motiejus — a small bakery with just a few tables located close to Town Hall Square in Old Town.  The delicious baked goods make up for the basic selection of teas (the typical black, green or fruit loose tea served everywhere in Lithuania).

Kavos namai — at this “American-style” coffee shop, the pastries are unimpressive and only the three basic teas are served. But what Kavos namai lacks in charm, it makes up in location — right next door to the university’s Emigration Institute, which makes it easy to drop by for a cup of tea with my colleagues.


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