A Final Happy Thanksgiving!

Although I missed dinner on the actual Thanksgiving Day, I don’t feel that I missed out on the holiday.  As I posted earlier, I attended a Thanksgiving dinner on the Saturday before Thanksgiving and I attended another Thanksgiving dinner on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Friends from Seattle who are also here in Lithuania hosted Thanksgiving dinner for Fulbright students and several of their Lithuanian friends and relatives.  We ate until we were stuffed, sat around and talked, and ate some more.  It was a real traditional American experiences (except for the lack of football as several of the Americans pointed out).  The point of Thanksgiving is to eat turkey with friends and family and enjoy each other’s company.  In that regard, I had two successful Thanksgivings this year!

I’m especially thankful that, except for an annoying cough, I sufficiently recovered from the horrible virus I had earlier in the week to enjoy getting out and about this weekend in Vilnius an dKaunas with my visiting American friend.

The Turkey (plus we had all the fixings)


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