Favorite Things: Dish Sponges

I am on day three of this flu virus and I still feel pretty miserable.  I’m surviving thanks to friends who have brought food, medication and some kind of Lithuania herbal tea for flu.  In between sleeping and feeling sorry for myself, I am trying to get some work done.  Since I’m stuck inside sick, I thought I’d tell you about my favorite Lithuanian household item —

The Dish Sponge.

Before you think that my illness has driven me off the deep end, let me say that my opinion that Lithuania has the best dish sponge is supported by other Americans.   What’s so special about these dish sponges?

  • Size: each sponge is approximately 2″ by 4″; they fit nicely in my hand and easily get into the corners of pans
  • Material: I don’t know what they are made of but it is so much nicer than American sponges — it suds up well, holds the suds during washing, and dries out quickly
  • Inexpensive: they come in packets of 12 that cost about $1
  • Colors: dish washing is a chore  made a little bit fun by a variety of brightly-colored dish sponges

When I returned to Seattle last year, I checked every grocery store and drug store chain for similar dish sponges to no avail.  I thought maybe they were a European-type of sponge, but I was not able to find them when I went to Italy last March.  Fortunately I left behind some important papers in my apartment in Vilnius — when a friend mailed them to me in Seattle, I asked him to include a packet of the dish sponges. Yes, I like them so much that I requested a special shipment.  And here they are…


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