I have passed this small abandoned amusement park several times when walking through the park up the hill behind my house in Kaunas and.  There are chains and locks on everything and all the rides are badly rusted  so I don’t think that it is just closed for the winter.   I can image children laughing and playing here, which makes the rusted, empty rides seem so forlorn.


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5 responses to “Forlorn

  • Ken Virta

    Looks like a place where a guy in a hockey mask might hang out this time of the year.

  • Litlocal

    So, i went to Kaunas last week, and thanks to you there were several discoveries.
    First, i thought that Thundergod District is where the House of Thundergod ( ) is located, i.e. in the Old Town, but a short glance at the map told me that there is no such district.
    Second, i glanced at the „up-scale area“ and found Thundergod Alley. Indeed, why it has this name i have no clue. Maybe it has something to do with the remains of that Oakwood (Ąžuolynas) next to the alley, it’s a small part of the formerly very large ancient oakwood. And i found „another“ House of Thundergod on the Thundergod Alley (hotel/restaurant) 😀 .
    Third, i looked closer at the map, at the Vytautas Park specifically, as there are those stairways you have to climb up – and i noticed something i never haven’t have hear of: a Secret Bunker of Kaunas Fortress’ Superintendent.
    So i went there. Was tired, didn’t explore much, but there was something looking like a substructure of a former building near the path, next to the slope and opposite to that „amusement park“ (i.e. closer to Parodos street). I stepped closer to the slope, but didn’t see any entrance or something. So was still unsure if this is that secret bunker, or this is a substructure of a regular building.
    Later i found this website with excellent description and photos – so it looks like it, though again, it’s difficult to tell as all pictures were taken in winter and the snow makes difficult to judge.
    And i remember this „amusement park“ some 10 years ago: it was even in worse shape and was fenced up with the high fence. There was some (not very legal) attempt to built some luxury appartments here or something, but everything turned into a small scandal and finally nothing has changed except the fence has disappeared. Unless there is another similar „amusement park“ near another stairway nearby (there are several of them, all rather confusing) but it’s difficult to imagine so many amusement parks within 0,5 square km 😀 .

    • amanda

      I had forgotten that there is a Perkunas Namai (Thunder God House) in Old Town by the Town Hall. I’ve never been to it, but will have to go take a look. The district isn’t named Perkunas on my map either; I only heard that name from Kaunas locals. I assume it was called that during the interwar period, but I haven’t done any further research. I’ll look for the restaurant as well — I need to stay with my theme of living in the Thunder God district.

      I’m glad that I inspired you to do some exploring! And I’m very interested to hear about the “Secret Bunker.” I’m going to explore myself and see if I can find it — although I don’t think I want to go inside based on those photographs. The “amusement park” is at the top of the steps that go left up the hill from the end of Laisves Aleja, so it looks like the bunker is across from that and down the slope toward Parodos gatve.

      I haven’t been through all of Vytautas Park but I would guess this is the only abandoned amusement park. 🙂

  • Guido

    We enjoyed the amusement park in summer 2011, and would like to know if it still open in 2014? It has such a wonderful atmosphere, as if time stands still in a world that is running away from itself…

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