What I am Trying to Work On

My housing situation has made it difficult to focus on my work, in part because I haven’t been able to get into a daily routine.  But I am trying to concentrate and get work done.

Last week I spent quite a bit of time editing my colleagues’ papers from the conference in Italy.  The Institute is publishing the papers in English in its on-line journal.  Three of my fellow doctoral students (Lithuanian, Italian and Japanese) asked if I would be willing to edit their papers so that they are polished and professional.  Of course, I was willing to help out.  It wasn’t a difficult project, but it does take time to edit.  I made one revision, waited a day or two and then made a second revision.  Ideally, I would have time to let it sit and revise again, but unfortunately I had to leave it at two editing rounds.  I was also asked by the conference organizers to edit the English script for a DVD of the project.  I will be reimbursed for my work on the DVD, so that’s a bonus.

I’m also working on proposals for funding for next year.  When I return to Seattle, I’ll need at least one quarter back at the university to complete my dissertation and hold my dissertation defense.  That, of course, means that I’ll need money to live on.  I am applying for two different dissertation completion fellowships.  These are national competitions and the deadlines are November 10 and November 15.  I am working filling in the long on-line application forms and writing my proposal. I applied for both of these fellowships last year so I have to update the proposals I submitted then rather than starting from scratch.  But I do need to get them finished early enough for my professors to take a look at them.

Finally, I have printed out three partially written sections of my dissertation, all of which come at the beginning.  Most of them were originally written as conference presentations.  Now I need to put them together, develop the ideas in more detail, add more evidence from the archival documents and turn them into real dissertation chapters.  This content should result in two chapters.  My goal is to have one of the draft chapters ready to send to my professors in early November.  Hopefully I can still meet that goal despite current distractions.


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