Sticking with a Classic

As some of you may know, I love varškės surėlis su šokoladu, sweetened white cheese covered in chocolate.  I eat one almost every day when I am living in Lithuania.  They are like little cheesecake treats.  I usually eat the vanilla-flavored ones, although every once in a while I get the ones with poppy seeds.

Recently I decided that I need to expand my varškė horizons.  After all, these yummy treats come in a variety of flavors.  I bought four different types — vanilla, chocolate, truffle and cola.  The cola-flavored one was terrible.  I was surprised that I didn’t like the chocolate one.  The dark chocolate coating ws good, but the chocolate used to flavor the cheese wasn’t as tasty.  The truffle one had a chocolate truffle center inside the cheese, which was interesting and pretty good.  However, the varškė in both the chocolate and the truffle treats was more like a mousse, rather than the rich dense cheese.  Both those flavors were the grocery store brand and not the same brand that I buy in vanilla.

In the end, my favorite was still the vanilla-flavored one with the rich, dense cheese.  Last year I found a coconut-flavored one that was fantastic, but I haven’t seen it this year.  Unless I can I can find it again, I will be content to enjoy my basic vanilla-flavored varškė treat.

Varieties of varškė treats - my favorite is in the light blue packaging


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4 responses to “Sticking with a Classic

  • Litlocal

    These in your photos look like the Rimi ones, usually those store brands (any brands) are slightly cheapper and slightly worse than the same „original“ ones.
    Vanilla cheese also vary from brand to brand, the cheapper the worse 😀 . I can say that during the soviet times there was only one kind, vanilla, cheese, it was very scarce, but super-duper-turbo tasty. Now we all are quite capricious and it doesn’t taste so turbo-tasty, but anyway – it is really delicious 😉 . This particular classic cheesy is wrapped in red (with a bit of white color and some golden medals), manufacturer is „Uriga“. One sort is without poppy seeds, onother one is with poppy seeds. Pictures can be found on , but only on LT version: EN version is different (don’t know why).
    Coconut cheesy, if i remember correctly, is wrapped in light blue, Latvian import, brand „Karums“. Didn’t see them in smaller Rimi stores.
    I don’t like those with jam, because the jam is not put separately inside the cheese, but there are some imported from Estonia, i think it’s „Bono“, they have jam filling. And a biscuit on the bottom. Bon appetit 😉 .

    • amandaswain

      You are correct – the two that I didn’t like were Rimi brand. I often buy the Uriga brand with poppy seeds. I can’t remember the name of the other brand I usually buy – it comes in a dark blue wrapping. I’ll have to go to a HyperRimi or a Maxima XXX and see if I can find the Latvian brand. I really loved the coconut ones. I’ll also look for the Estonian with jam filling and a biscuit – sounds yummy. (And welcome back, Litlocal! I’m glad you are commenting on this year’s blog. 🙂 )

    • amandaswain

      Once I knew to look for the Latvian “karums,” I found the coconut ones at the Akropolis Maxima in Kaunas. They are definitely my favorite — so delicious!

  • Litlocal

    You are welcome back too haha 😀 .
    Those estonian ones seem to be gone now – sometimes they are available, sometimes they are not. Usually i find them in abundance at Prisma ( a store in Ozas shopping centre).

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