Going Ga-Ga

I expected Saturday night to be fun, but little did I know just how eventful it would be.  I was invited to a party celebrating a friend from Seattle’s the 29th birthday.  I know him and his wife from the University of Washington — she was my Lithuanian language instructor.  He has a two-year post-doctoral fellowship to work in Lithuania and we all arrived in Vilnius about the same time in September.

It was a typical birthday party — tasty appetizers, sparkling wine, cake, and lots of laughter and good conversation.  About 10:30, we started talking about going out somewhere.  One couple at the party had tickets to the Vilnius Fashion Week event party, which started at 11 pm, and they suggested that we all come with them.  So we piled into two cars and headed off to Loftas — a renovated warehouse where the party was held.

Let me just say that I never imagined that I would be dancing until 2:00 am with big-haired models, guys wearing glitter face paint and uber-edgy fashionistas.  It was a blast!  Skamp, a very popular Lithuanian rap group, was the dj for the party and also performed.

If I had known that I was going to a Fashion Weekend party, I would have worn a different outfit.  However, as we were driving over, I figured that I wouldn’t look too out of place in my black skinny pants and trendy black heeled booties.  When we walked inside, I quickly realized that I had nothing in my wardrobe that would have made me fit in with this crowd.  And just to show how untrendy I am, I didn’t recognize from the outfits that it was a Lady Ga-Ga themed event.  I discovered that fact this morning when I read about the event on-line.


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