Krakow Scenes

There were several outdoor exhibits marking the 30th anniversary of Solidarity (Solidarnosc), the independent labor union that challenged the Communist government’s authority in 1980, resulting in the imposition of martial law in 1981.  Lech Walesa, leader of Solidarity and later president of Poland, stands in front of a cross in the top center photo.

Legend says that a dragon lived in a lair under Wawel Castle.  Unfortunately I had just put my camera away when this dragon breathed real fire, scaring the little kids hanging on his legs.

Florianska Gate - part of Krakow's original medieval city wall


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One response to “Krakow Scenes

  • Ken Virta

    That dragon is awesome. If had grown up in Krakow, I’m pretty sure that I’d have a major scar from a climbing mishap on that would have taken place on the dragon.

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