Bugler’s View

On Saturday, I overcame my fear of heights and lack of cardiovascular fitness to climb up a lot of steep stairs to the top of the taller tower of St. Mary’s Basilica in Krakow’s main square.  There are, of course, great views from the top.  There is also a bugler who plays every hour on the hour from the tower.  Legend says that, in 1214, a bugler alerted the town of the approach of invading Tartars.  Unfortunately the bugler was killed by an arrow as he blew his trumpet — today’s buglers recreate the event by stopping in mid-tune.  We heard the bugler playing as we climbed the tower and then got to buy a signed postcard from him for a mere 3 zlotys.

We climbed St Mary's tallest tower, the one on the left

The view from St. Mary's Basilica tower

The bugler signing my friend's postcard


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