Vilnius Half-Marathon: Strike 2

In 2009, I decided that I would train for the Vilnius Half-Marathon.  It seemed like a good goal since it would be held on my last weekend in Vilnius after living here for nine months.  I’d only been running for a year and was running about 3 miles at the time.  I found a training schedule on-line and got started, but couldn’t get past 6 miles.   I was traveling a lot which made it difficult to stick to a training schedule.  And I found it hard to stay motivated training by myself.  So, in the end, I didn’t run the half-marathon.

I returned to Seattle and my brother challenged me to try again at training for a half-marathon.  He even promised to come from Northern California to Seattle to run with me.  We registered for the Snoqualmie Half-Marathon and I started training.  On May 1, 2010, I ran my first half-marathon.  I was quite proud of myself and wanted to do another one.  So I set my sights on running the 2010 Vilnius Half-Marathon since I would be back just in time for this year’s race.

Unfortunately I injured my knee training for the Snoqualmie Half-Marathon and it ended up being a long recovery.  In fact, I haven’t run since May.  Today, instead of running in the half-marathon in Vilnius, I was standing on the sideline and taking photos.  As I saw the runners going by the Cathedral, I really, really wanted to be out there.  I’m still hoping that my knee problems will be resolved and that I can start running again.  There is always the 2011 Vilnius Half-Marathon to look forward to.   Maybe the third attempt will be the charm!

Vilnius Marathon 2010

My brother and I running the Snoqualmie half-marathon on May 1


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