Bands Playing, Crowds Cheering!

Yes, these did greet me as I drove through Vilnius after arriving this afternoon.  And while I wish I could say the Lithuanians were excited that I have returned after a year back in Seattle, they were really cheering for the Lithuanian national basketball team which has now beat New Zealand, Canada and Spain in its quest for the European championship title.

I am glad to be back in town and I’m already starting to catch up with friends.  Today is the start of my next Lithuanian adventure and I hope you will join me through this blog.  Here’s to a fun and productive twelve months!

Addendum:  Lithuania is racking up wins in the 2010 FIBA World Championship.  I should have realized that it wasn’t the European championship since they beat New Zealand and Canada.  Obviously these are not European countries!  My excuse is that I wrote the original post at 3 am while suffering from jet lag.


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3 responses to “Bands Playing, Crowds Cheering!

  • Anne

    I was wondering about that geographic shift…

    Glad to hear you are settling in. If I go to Paris to visit my friend this fall, do you know whether it expensive to fly from CDG to VNO?

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